School Fundraisers Promo Products

With all the school activities available to students today it’s crucial to find unique ideas to attract new members to your club.

New faces bring fresh ideas and keep memberships strong. So what can you do to recruit new club members? Create awareness of your club’s value and offer incentives.

One of the most affordable tools for building school club memberships is custom promotional products. With so many different products available at Totally Promotional, it’s easy to find swag that fits your budget and relates to your organization. Simply let our experts personalize high-quality products with your club name, logo and colors to distribute at public events. Promotional products also make great gifts for new signups.

Overview :

Apparel With School Pride
Students and their parents love showing off school pride with logoed apparel and accessories, making these excellent product categories to raise funds for your school. Try selling branded T-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts at merch tables. Bonus tip: Ask if interested parties want to personalize their shirts with their last name on the back – for a little extra cash, of course.

Game Day Goodies
School sporting events are great opportunities for booster clubs to make big bucks with fans. Recruit parents to volunteer and run the fundraising table during the game. Sell an assortment of spirit-related promos, such as pom-poms, noisemakers and miniature sports balls. Apparel will be a hot seller here as well. When the weather gets cold, don’t forget about wintertime accessories like scarves, gloves and hats in school colors too.

Incentives for Students
Send a school-wide memo for teachers to ask students if they’d like to sign up to buy branded school supplies in the beginning of the year. They can fill out an order form with the products they’d like to purchase, such as branded pens, pencil cases, notebooks or agendas, and collect money from their parents to complete their order – raising student happiness and school funds.

Pep Rally Promos
Increase school spirit and funding at the same time during spirit days and pep rallies. Reach out to local businesses in your area to see if they’d be willing to donate products to include in raffle gift baskets. Then, have students buy tickets to be entered to win their favorite ones. Drum up more engagement from students by passing out fun, affordable promos during the event, such as lollipops or stickers in school colors. When students receive something themselves, they’ll be more likely to participate in your fundraiser.